Saturday, January 24, 2009

Siren's Song

Trish Albright
Historical Romance
Leisure Books – 2008


The Stafford family was in the shipping business. Their home office was in Boston. However, they spent a lot of time in England. Alexandra was the only Stafford girl. She seemed to be one with the sea. Yet, all of her luck was not good. Unexplainable things happened to her. Why?

In Morocco, Joshua Leigh, Duke of Worthington, rescued Alexandra from being kidnapped by a white slave trader. Alexandra didn’t give him her correct name. But, she was in his dreams.

Their paths next crossed three years later. They each looked somewhat different and there was no immediate recognition. They set off on an adventure of intrigue and danger.

This book certainly doesn’t lack action! Fortunately it moves right along which helps to ease the tension. A good read that you'll enjoy!

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