Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cry Of The Wolf

Elaine Barbieri
Historical Romance
Leisure Books – 2008

Hearing the cries of a wolf and seeing the image and hearing the voice of the old Indian, Letty Wolf is guided. She's almost 40 years old. Her three daughters are somewhere in Texas and she would like to re-unite with them.

There are forces that don't want that to happen. Letty hires Pinkerton men to find the daughters and tell them that if they return to New York and visit their mother, before her 40th birthday, she will include them in her will. Her adversary hires others to kill the Pinkerton men and her daughters.

This is a real study in selfishness. This is the third in the series of wolf books. Elaine Barbieri writes with a skill that we've come to expect. This book is no letdown. While this is a romance it is also a mystery and answers what was unanswered in the first two books. This is a real page turner and well worth your time.

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