Monday, February 9, 2009

Heart of Honor

Kat Martin
Historical Romance
Mira Books - 2007

first in trilogy

England 1842

Krista Hart is the publisher of the weekly "Heart to Heart". The primary readers are ladies. Krista is fearless when it comes to speaking her mind. Social reform, while not popular, is one of her favorite venues.

While walking by a side show, she sees a Viking descendent in a cage. She advocates for Leif Draugr's freedom and she is successful. Her father then works with Leif to help him become an English gentleman.

Of course, the trouble doesn't stop there. Leif ends up protecting Krista.

This story smacks of the real probvlems of that time. Kat Martin sweeps you into the story for a very enjoyable ride. Then, you'll be looking for the second book in this trilogy, "Heart of Fire".