Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Journey Home

Linda Ford
Inspirational Historical Romance
Steeple Hill Books – August, 2008

South Dakota – 1934

The depression is in full swing and the long drought continues with no end in sight. Kody Douglas is a half-breed who is searching for a place without prejudice.

Charlotte Porter is a young woman waiting for her brother to send for her.
The country is in turmoil and that makes everything more difficult.

Charlotte depends on God and stays close to Him in prayer. Kody's drifted away from God and he's resistant to changing that. Of course there are secrets too.

Kody refused to leave Charlotte alone in a cabin full of dust and with too little food. He insisted that she go with him. That started their adventure.

Kody was overly sensitive about his lack of acceptance. The book mentioned that he wore long braids. Seems like it might have been better if he cut off the braids. He might have blended in better. Of course, he might have been daring people to say anything. Sometimes we don't notice how we feed our own problems.

This book pulls no punches about how bad things were. It had to be dreadful! We can thank the Lord we don't have to go through this frightful time! Stick with it. You'll enjoy it. I'm sure you'll empathize with these people. They had no place to turn except to God.

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