Saturday, January 24, 2009

Deep In The Heart

Jane Myers Perrine
Inspirational Romance
Steeple Hill Books – September, 2008

Kate Wallace had big ambitions that wouldn't fit in Silver Lake, Texas. Upon graduation from college she headed for fame and fortune in the big cities. She left behind heartbreak for others. When she went back home to care for her sister, who was having shoulder surgery, she had to face those she had betrayed.

Rob Chambers was one of those people. He and Kate had been engaged when she left town. He was heartbroken and promised to not trust again. He had married and his wife died of cancer just after their baby girl was born. Rob not only had trust issues, but he had not grieved sufficiently for his wife.

Psychologically, we know that unresolved trust and grief issues stand in the way of psychological health and having the ability to form close, healthy relationships.

Both Kate and Rob had lost faith in God. That, too, left painful holes in their lives.

This is a warm, well-written story that shows the path to health and happiness.


Jane Myers Perrine said...

Dr. Grace--thank you so much for your reviews. I just found reviews of 2 of my novels--Deep in the Heart and Second Chance Bride. It is wonderful to find someone who understands what I was attempting to communicate. Thank you for reading my books and for commenting on them.

Jane Myers Perrine

Jane Myers Perrine said...

Dr. Grace--than you for reading and commenting on two of my books: Second Chance Bride and Deep in the Heart. It is wonderful when a reader understands what I'm trying to communcate.

Again, thank you.

Jane Myers Perrine