Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Loner

Geralyn Dawson
Historical Romance
Harlequin – 2008

When Luke Grey was five years old he had a rocking horse named Racer. He had red cowboy boots, a white felt hat, a leather vest and a pistol carved out of oak with an “L” on the handle.

One day the family left East Texas to attend a wedding in Louisiana. He felt they were in danger, probably from outlaws hiding in the trees. His parents never paid any attention when he had those feelings. They didn't this time either.

While fording Brushy Creek in a shallow spot, they were swept away by a flash flood. The family was all killed except Luke. His suspenders had caught on brush that held his head out of the water.

Ten days later, he was found sitting on a log rocking back and forth. He wouldn't say anything but “run Racer, run Racer, run Racer”. He was taken to an orphanage. He still wouldn't talk. When they gave up trying to find out his name. They decided that the “L” on his gun handle stood for “Lucky”.

He grew up and became a range detective. He was good at it. He married and had a daughter. His wife and child were killed in a revenge killing for some crook Luke had brought in.

Could a man who had lost two families still believe he could find love and happiness? He decided he couldn't and he's just have to be a loner. But, our Loner didn't seek counseling to help change his mind.

So then, on his own could he reach another conclusion? That's what this action packed, page turner is about. Get comfortable and enjoy this well written, fast moving book!

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