Saturday, January 24, 2009

Courting Miss Adelaide

Janet Dean
Inspirational Historical Romance
Steeple Hill Books – September, 2008

Noblesville, Indiana, 1897

Adelaide Crum wants to adopt a child off the “Orphan Train” but the committee doesn't think a single woman qualifies.

That wasn't the only thing the town elders were narrow minded about. Women didn't have the vote and that caused contention.

Charles Graves, the newspaper editor, decided that he would stand behind her in her battles. At times, it looked like there would be all out war. Adelaide's faith saw her through with some suprising twists and turns.

This is a story about unfairness, narrow minds, and anti-female thinking. It calls for patience, forgiveness, and courage. It has a feel good ending and final satisfaction. A good read!

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