Friday, January 23, 2009

His Little Cowgirl

Brenda Minton
Inspirational Romance
Steeple Hill Books - 2008

If the Lord chose to stop “the fling,” he would solve half the problems of this world. In the process he would also destroy the world of soap operas and do irreconcilable damage to contemporary romance novels (and their publishers). No fun, especially if you like romance novels as much as I do. Fortunately, God has yet to indulge in that kind of power, at least not in the last week or so, so he has allowed the time-honored youthful fling to remain at the heart of His Little Cowgirl. And that launches Brenda Minton's newest novel, besides, any book with little kitties on the cover is my kind of book.

Cody Jacobs was a bad-boy rodeo bull rider. Self-centered, hard drinking, and obviously on his way to fame and fortune, Cody had left a trail of broken hearts. One of these was the heart of the young Baily Cross. Also, unknowingly—but not surprisingly—he left her pregnant. Several times she tried to contact Jacobs but, typical of the old Cody, he never returned her calls.

Now, six years later as Minton's story opens, a changed Cody Jacobs pulls into town. No longer the hard drinker and seriously working on the self-centered, he is still the committed bull rider.

This year he is commercially sponsored and on his way to the national championship. He is also on his way to discover little Meg, the six-year old daughter he never knew he had.

While Jacobs is now serious about riding his demons to the ground, Baily Cross is equally committed to protecting both herself and young Meg from the handsome devil who forsook them both. But her little girl in the pink cowboy boots has caught his heart and awakened in Jacobs the challenge of being a good father.

Because His Little Cowgirl is an inspirational romance, you know it will have a satisfying ending; but the road Minton takes to get you there is twisty and exciting. She draws real people dealing with real issues, especially the young Meg. Minton weaves the Christian themes with a delicate hand, and crafts the kind of a tight plot that results in a best selling page turner. Fortunately for us Brenda Minton promises that her next few books will all be about cowboys. I've bought my new cowboy hat, and I'm ready to read. “Read 'em, cowboy.”

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