Saturday, January 24, 2009

Family Of The Heart

Dorothy Clark
Inspirational Historical Romance
Steeple Hill Books – September, 2008

Cincinnati, Ohio – 1838

Sarah Randolph took a job as a nanny for Nora. She came from a wealthy family and didn't need the money, but, she needed a place to grieve. Her fiance had been killed in a storm that took his ship and his life. Sarah was grief stricken and she felt that God had forsaken her.

Clayton Bainbridge was Nora's father. He never referred to her by name. He wanted to never see the child. His wife had died as a result of having Nora and Clayton was not dealing with his grief. He also felt that God had deserted him.

Sarah and Nora formed a bond that fed them both. Sarah worked to make sure that Clayton naturally came across Nora on a daily basis. He fought being close to her but gradually he was drawn to her.

This is a story about grief. Some wise person once said, “He who grieves well lives well.” The people in this book needed to learn to grieve and while they did that their faith was restored. This is a touchng story about deep grief, misplaced blame, forgiveness, and love. Get comfortable and enjoy it!

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