Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wanted! The Texan

Bobbi Smith
Historical Romance
Leisure Books – 2009

You’re sweet 17 and plenty sharp. That’s good. But, your father just died. That’s bad. But, you inherited your dad’s ranch. That’s good. But, only 70% of it. That’s bad. The other 30% is owned by a gorgeous, tall, dark and handsome Texan. That’s good. But, he used to make his living as a gun fighter. That’s bad.

This kicks off Bobbi Smith’s new novel Wanted! The Texan. True to any good romance novel the sharp 17 year old Philadelphia girl wins the gun fighter’s heart. There was an ongoing dilemma around Josh Grady, the gun fighter, and his expectation that Emmie Ryan, the 17 year old, wouldn’t know anything about running a ranch. He was pleased to know that she had spent summers at the ranch helping her father. He was also pleased to find out that she wasn’t a pampered, spoiled girl. Emmie was pleased to see that Josh was a good foreman and was fair to her.

They weren’t without problems! There were rustlers and others who made it hard to keep the peace. One thing that probably helped was their daily fight to survive in a part of the west that still had problems with Indians and outlaws. They found that dealing with the problems together was much more pleasurable than dealing with them apart.

Bobbi Smith’s books are always a treat! This is no exception! Savor the writing , the characters, and this fast moving story!

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