Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Cowboy's Heart

Brenda Minton
Inspirational Romance
Steeple Hill Books – Feb 2009

Brenda Minton titled her new book A Cowboy’s Heart. Coming in its love-inspired, larger print edition (with two sets of boots on the front porch), you know who is going to be living happily ever-after. The boots, two dazzling occupants; end of story. What if Minton had named the book a Cowboy’s Liver and replaced the boots with a scotch on the rocks and a daiquiri. I don’t want to know what that might do to the audience of Christian readers. How about A Cowboy’s Navel? Would that suggest that he’s a Navy man? How about A Cowboy’s Elbow? But that would take us back to drinking. Maybe you can’t really tell a book by its cover. But in this case, by merely relying on the name, Brenda Minton, you know you’re in for a treat in spite of the fact that no brawny, good looking cowboy or dazzling damsel in distress graces the cover.

Willow Michaels is ready to run her own life. She raises bucking bulls and has a hearing disability. She’s so sure she can do it, she refuses anyone’s help. She wants to succeed, but she doesn’t want to be always alone. This is a tough place to be. But Brenda Minton in her inimitable style will take care of everything and make it turn out right. This is a good book to relax with and enjoy!

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