Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Family For Luke

Carolyne Aarsen
Inspirational Romance
Steeple Hill Books – Jan – 2009

When I was on page 62 I questioned if I’d make it to the end. I like books that get into the story faster. I still didn’t feel familiar with the characters. On page 100 my feeling was “It’s working too hard to get where it’s going”. On page 150 it started to move at a more rapid pace.

I liked the characters, once I knew them. The problems were real but they managed to avoid them. Janie didn’t trust men. Her experience with marriage was painful and she painted all men with the same brush. She also refused to ask for help no matter how much she needed it. She was overly suspicious.

Luke wanted a family but he found no cooperation. He thought it would be wise to give up but, he didn’t want to. So, he hung in there and was glad that he did.

This author writes good books! I was disappointed with this one.

What do you think?

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