Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hometown Courtship

Diann Hunt’s Hometown Courtship is about two losers. Wait! Not that kind of loser. Who wants to read about losers? Her two main characters both have recently lost loves; and predictably, those losses have hardened their hearts for any future hopes.

And our story begins. . .

For the moment, let’s forget that at least one of the main characters in most romance novels has lost a previous love or may even boast an entire litany of lost loves. It is that loss (those losses) that makes the overcoming to come that much more satisfying. But despite relying on this lost-love cliché for both leading characters, Hunt’s Hometown Courtship deals us an engaging read.

Callie Easton, had committed a crime. She had not only not paid her tickets, but she had lost the unpaid tickets. Now she stood before Judge Sharp for sentencing. He sentenced her to community service. She was ordered to report to Brad Sharp at the Make A Home project. It appeared that Judge Sharp was attempting to find a wife for his younger brother, again. Brad was tired of brother, Ryan, finding him women. He’d had some bad experiences and trust wasn’t high on his list.

Brad loved the Make a Home project and worked hard. His desire was to go to foreign lands and be a missionary builder. He wanted to keep his life simple. Just he and his dog. Why wouldn’t people leave him alone?

What lies in wait for the cute cosmetologist who doesn’t trust men, and the builder who wants to be alone with his dog and work as a missionary in foreign lands, and doesn’t trust women? That’s what this story is about. All the characters are likeable and all the pets are lovable. What lies in wait for you is a lovely story. It was a real joy to read!

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