Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twice Upon A Time

Lois Richer
Inspirational Romance
Steeple Hill Books - April, 2009

The subtext we’ve come to expect from the Big Wedding Scene in movies and novels is the best man-bridesmaid tryst. And, yes, Lois Richer’s Twice Upon a Time delivers that scene. Although she bypasses the steam, it is the boy-meets-girl part of Richer’s story.

Olivia Hastings is the bridesmaid and widower Reese Woodward is the best man. He’s the brother of the bride. As a boy, Reese was adopted by the bride’s family. Richer introduced the family in Rocky Mountain Legacy, a Love Inspired novel, the first of this trilogy. Twice Upon a Time is the second with one more to come. While this second book is also a Love Inspired novel, it certainly has its delicious share of things gone wrong.

Reese handles the family’s legal affairs and is the father of twin sons. His wife was killed in an automobile accident, and his grief remains oppressive. While Olivia attracts him at the wedding, Reese’s grief remains all-consuming; and his deep loyalty to his deceased wife renders him helpless. But, tough one to loose, Olivia is taken by the twins, and predictably, by Reese Woodward. Olivia also has a painful past and she is somewhat leery of a new relationship. With that, the story unfolds.

Weddings by Woodwords is the corporate name of this family business. Reese is an adopted son who is active in Weddings by Woodwards. Since he is adopted, he feels extra responsible for doing everything right and on his own. He has some hard lessons to learn. The family is totally accepting of Reese. Reese is the one with doubts. Because of these doubts, Reese is especially hard on himself. This speaks to the psychological problems that adopted are apt to have. A loving family helps, but sometimes psychotherapy can help a great deal.

Lois Richer is good at her craft and this book shows her work well. The next book in this trilogy A Ring And A Promise will be out in June. Watch for it!

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