Monday, September 8, 2008

Finally A Family

By: Carolyne Aarsen
Love Inspired
Contemporary Inspirational Romance
Steeple Hill Books (2008)

Both Ethan and Hannah had experienced heartbreak. He didn’t trust women. She didn’t trust men. Each was afraid of allowing anyone to get close to them for fear of being hurt again.

As a psychotherapist, the problem this couple is having is not unique. When people lose their trust in others it’s very difficult to let those barriers down. In fact, one is apt to see all interactions through those barriers. But, they so dread the pain of being hurt again, they tend toward being over-protective even though that keeps them from the possibility of what they want.

Ethan has always loved his grandfather’s farm. He spent as much time there as possible. When his grandfather died, the farm was inherited by his Uncle Sam (not the U.S. Government). That was fine. Uncle Sam had always said that the farm would next go to Ethan. Of course, none of this was in writing.

After Sam’s death, the time came to read the will. Everyone was shocked when only half of the farm was left to Ethan. The other half was left to Hannah, the daughter of Sam’s live-in girlfriend. The condition placed on the inheritance for Hannah was that she had to live on the farm for six months. Sam and Hannah’s mom had lived together for nine years. Obviously, Sam had affection for Hannah and wanted her to have more than what her mother had provided. Hannah’s mom had spent her life going from man to man. That’s where Hannah had learned about life. But she longed for a family and roots.

She decided she’d make the best of it and stay at the farm. After the six months, she planned to sell her half of the farm. She worked hard doing whatever Ethan allowed her to do.

One night he went to the barn to help his prized cow give birth. He planned to be there all night. He was surprised to see Hannah show up in the barn to help. The birth of the calf was a warm and loving experience. It changed how Hannah felt about Ethan. Apparently he wasn’t an arrogant ladies man, but a gentle, loving man. Here was a man showing a mothering concern – warm and loving. She rethought her plan to sell her half of the farm.

In 1500+ books it’s rare to find a scene in a book that will live in my memory. This book has that scene. The loving help Ethan gives the cow while calfing will live in my heart. I’ve never had this experience, but being a mother and a grandmother I understand childbirth and the importance of loving encouragement during that process.

This is a good read. It moves right along and has characters that are easy to cheer for. The faith shown is realistic which many times is not the case in the Inspirational genre. And I found the good feeling at the end that I expect from a romance.

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I hated your review, jerk, but I still love you. Chuck